Honor At Stake - The Trilogy

This epic action-adventure horror story has a beginning, middle, and end... making it a great commercial property for a Film Troilogy or a three-season Televsion Show with a grand finale.

Honor At Stake

A young man falsely accused of killing his fiancé, flees prison with a mysterious priest, then hunts down the vampire cult responsible for the murder, but during his quest falls in love and discovers an ancient secret society obsessed with attaining Godhood.

Honor At Stake - Lost Knight

Marc Mason launches his battle against a supernatural society of ancient beings. Traveling to England, Scotland, and Italy, he discovers an unbelievable dark secret that affects his destiny and the fate of all mankind.

Honor At Stake - Illumination

Marc Mason finally discovers his family secret, then fulfills his destiny as he faces his greatest fears, and his greatest foe. From the Byzantium church to the Freemasons, and from the Illuminati to Ancient Jerusalem... Marc Mason has unraveled a terrible plan of paranormal global control... and the plan to end civilization as we know it!

Extended Ending?

Like all great stories, this one does not have to end here! We have written a synopisis for an extended quest due to the great commercial susccess this adventure may obtain.