The Mythology of Honor At Stake

A new and original concept!

Appearing to be a Vampire film, this epic action adventure follows our hero around the world into ancient lands. He is equipped with knowledge of the mystic arts: Santeria, Kaballah, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Utilizing Catholic rituals and well-known Vampire hunting techniques, Marc Mason claims war on the Occult, but soon discovers he must instead fight for love... and the fate of all mankind!

Honor At Stake....

is unlike any other vampire film ever seen; This original and unique tale begins with an innocent man who falls into a dark scenario of vampires, demons, the Crusades, and the Masonic Lodge.

Unlike previous lore, the Vampires in this story are pure evil. There is no soul, no love, no "good" at all. Once a vampire, the flesh is under a demonic possession that can only be destroyed through ritual.

The same goes for becoming a vampire - bites do not change a human into a vampire... there is a way, but the vampires prefer this ritual remains secret as well. Our vampires are like cats, the last thing they want is another powerful being to compete with, they figure the less vampires out there the better.

Our hero, vampire hunter Marc Mason, is thrown into this world with little knowledge of the power he possesses ... or the significance of his family's role in this centuries-long battle of good versus evil.

Assisted by a mysterious priest from Latin America, Mason sets out on a one-man war with all creatures of the occult. He is taught the sacred rites of the Kaballah, the Church, The Talmus, Freemasonry, and Santeria - an island black-&-white magic. Armed with these Mystic Arts, Mason confronts the creatues with the power they have never experienced before.

Marc Mason's battle soon becomes questing race, he must find and destroy three ancient relics before the Ancient Secret Society discvers them. For if the Ancient one possess these items, they will rise to true Godhood.

The story then expands, becoming an epic, adventurous journey - dealing with secrets and clues from many historic icons, including Charlamagne, Christopher Columbus, Jacques de Molay, the Crusades, and even King Solomon himself.

And finally, for the first time in cinema, we are given a historical account of the origins of the vampire, why they MUST exist, and their role within mankind through the ages!